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I am currently on a mission to help make Labworks.io 's Alexa Skills the most user-friendly experiences for Alexa.

I take a particular interest in locale-specific design to tailor the user experience for users all over the world.

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AccorHotel's ambition to interact with their customers and be at their service at all times, will take on yet another dimension through their conversational agent : Phil Welcome.

As a Conversation UX designer, I advocated user-testing and made sure Phil Welcome's system persona was clearly integrated in the conversation design.  Also, I ensured the cohesion of the experience was kept intact across languages and cultures.

Phil Welcome


NewTech is a telecommunication company that traditionally distributed IVR systems to clients for  healthcare, e-commerce and other industries.

I advised them on making the leap to VUI-based phone systems for their clients.  I designed a "phonebot" for one of their healthcare clients, based on a clinic medical secretary - persona.  The use case : providing information to patients and family before, during and after their admission.


Smartly.ai is an innovative SaaS platform that allows brands to develop conversational experiences.

As a UX Designer, I advised them on making their processes more UX-centered from the get-go.  Furthermore, I actively participated in UX Design workshops they organized for some of their high-profile clients.

In addition, I created the UX Conversation Design course for the Smartly Academy, available for partners through the Partnership Program.

Finally, it was my mission to make the conversational experiences they advocated to their clients as user-friendly as possible.  That is why I did some extensive UX-auditing for their existing voice applications.

I hired Maaike for several #VoiceFirst projects. She is one of the very few top VUI designers in Europe. Maaike always impressed me by his passion, expertise, creativity and dedication on designing and building high quality voice experiences.
Thereby, I definitively and warmly recommand her for your Voice projects.

Hicham Tahiri, CEO @Smartly.ai

The Bot Studio

The Bot Studio is a start-up that concentrates mainly on artificial intelligence for mobility.

I had the pleasure to work with Laurent Dunys, their founder, auditing the projects for the company Renault (Talk to my Car) and prototyping projects for taxi companies.

Since then, The Bot Studio has evolved into a start-up for mobility, moving away from the conversation design array.

I had the pleasure to work with Maaike on a Voice Bot project. Maaike is the kind of person you want in your team if you want to get things done, fast. She is passionate, efficient and greatly-skilled.

Laurent Dunys

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